Welcome to America

This year's election of Barack Obama was not welcomed by me. I supported Palin/McCain (yes, I stated that correctly). But the political aftershocks of Obama's election sprout some good fruit.

I'm not a big Whoopi Goldberg fan. Politics aside, she's not really that funny, though I loved her role in Star Trek: The Next Generation. But after the election, she said, "I've always been proud to be an American, now I feel like I can unpack my bags." For a lot of Americans, the statement was kind of a shock, especially after her insulting and disingenuous question to John McCain asking if she were supposed to be worried about becoming a slave.

Though Ms. Goldberg came from humble origins, she can afford to live where she wants (which apparently is a multi-million dollar mansion, nice digs for a slave if you can get them), but some blacks truly believe this because they've been told their entire life that they are victims. I truly hope that, if nothing else, this election removes that stigma of victimhood. After all, it's pretty good if you can be elected to the most powerful office on Earth.

So, you who feel you have been disenfranchised: Welcome to America. Let's sit down and talk about the rest...

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