Politics and Religion

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means that most of us will unite with friends and family over a large dinner, taking the day off to feast and have fun, being sure to stray from the dynamite topics of politics and religion.

But why?

Why do we silence the two most important subjects in our existence? Someone could possibly get angry, true but this is my point; if we only talk about these subjects with people who agree with us, then we become more excluded from discussion and more "extreme".

One of my favorite things to do is debate - not argue; arguments get you nowhere - and my favorite thing about debating is not "beating" someone; (there really is no such thing on the internet) it's the fact that I learn more about myself...what I truly believe...and why I believe it. Because people will be questioning and challenging my beliefs from viewpoints I could never conceive.

This is a good thing.

Look at my links to the right. Camille Paglia and I probably have nothing but human DNA in common, but she is my favorite blogger. She presents her case in such a professional manner that I can't help but love her columns. Again, I disagree with most of what she says, but Camille's my idol when it comes to blogs. She is my example of what blogging should be. She is my example of what political discourse should be.

So this Thursday, eat some Turkey and dressing, watch the football game (talk about serious arguments!) and see what you can politely discuss concerning your and everyone else's rights. You might be surprised at what you find out about yourself.

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  1. At least if people argue about politics and religion, it would be a change from the usual Thanksgiving arguments about which stuffing is better -- bread or pork -- and who insulted whom last Christmas.