I waited until the war was over to invest in high definition electronics. As a casualty of the VHS/Beta war and the Amiga/PC wars, I learned the hard way that the best format doesn't always win. So when HD finally gave up the ghost, I bought a 42" LCD screen and a Playstation 3 (a console and Blu-Ray player for the same price) and a cool Bose 3-2-1 system (worth every penny!).

So I started playing my normal DVD's in the system and compared it to the single Blu-Ray disk I owned at the time, Spider-Man 3. Wow. Okay, so my DVD's had gone the way of the dinosaur when I hadn't been watching.

The smart thing to do when building a collection is wait for crazy sales or buy them slowly. So I've been buying a Blu-Ray movie every payday and on a whim, I went to a local pawnshop that I knew had lots of movies. They have about thirty Blu-Ray movies but they're selling them 3/$20 so I bought three (I-Robot, 300 and Fifth Element).

Next paycheck I'm heading back. I can afford three a paycheck like that, but I'm not going to buy one just to buy it.

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