As Americans, we like to talk about freedom. We can vote, talk smack about our elected officials with impunity (unless you threaten violence, of course) but are we really free? Something happened to the definition of the word freedom in the last century. At one point, you could buy a piece of land and you and your family were the king of that land.

That America no longer exists.

In the original America, the individual was reponsible for their own fate. There was no medicare, no social security, no safety net. Americans were strong because they had to be.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the only cost of government safety nets is the multi-trillion dollar amount that my grandkids will have to pay. The largest cost is what made America great: Freedom.

You can already see it. Oh, it's small things right now, like pulling chocolate milk and other "undesireable foods" from school lunches and prohibiting parents from letting their kids bring their own lunch. See, once the government pays for something, it gets to tell you what to do. Government becomes the master, not the servant.

I'm not ready to be a servant.

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