What the heck is BIBGIV? It's how America should do war.

Brutal In Battle, Gracious In Victory.

Wars are not won when the army on the other side is defeated; it is won when the will for war has been crushed. Right now, the US is trying to "win the hearts" of people by tip-toeing instead of fighting and the rules of engagement are costing American lives. I do not apologize when I say that when we're at war, WE SHOULD ACT LIKE WE ARE AT WAR. We should crush everything that is thrown at us and, just as importantly, after the war, we do whatever we can to help build a new government that won't repeat the mistakes of the prior government.

This gives two impressions:

1) When the American military is heading your way, if you don't surrender, you will die.

2) Everyone will know that once hostilities are over, America will take the lead in helping rebuild the country.

And if, after hostilities have ended, we see a guerrilla style insurgency, we again go into aggressor mode and crush it. We have to make sure that the potential enemies of America see not just mercy, they must see our might.

For too long, we've tried to seek acclaim from our enemies while on the battlefield and, while we shouldn't directly target civilians, if those civilians are actively housing combatants, they should expect to pay that price.

The civilians say "We do it because they will kill us," but guess what? That's not our problem; this is your country. Take control of it or we'll do it for you. I'm tired of American soldiers dying for a political reason that never works. When was the last time you saw people from the left congratulate us when we risk our soldiers' lives in order to make it softer for the enemy? When was the last time the UN recognized it? Never. We are unnecessarily spilling American blood when it's not necessary. Does anyone think that we are making friends by showing weakness? Grow up. We are the remaining super-power and need to start acting like it, instead of "just another nation".

We're not. We're America.

Let's start acting like it.

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