A Question of Torture

I have no idea why I'm so riled up about this right now but on behalf of the 100,000+ people who will die in our next 9-11, you politicians need to get off your high horse and start protecting the people you supposedly serve.

We are tired of political expediency eroding basic protections while you use your office to advance your nepotism and line your pockets. After the next 9-11, a lot of finger pointing will be going on but the American people aren't stupid. If you can't put the survival of the American people at the top of your agenda, then you don't deserve the office you hold. You think that water boarding may constitute torture and run to bury your head beneath a judicial blanket, but Linus isn't even that naive.

You hypocrites! You ignore the law whenever it's convenient for you! Whether it's campaign donations or spending taxpayer dollars on your whores, you abuse the law as easily as you abandon the trust the people have given you, yet when it comes to our survival you quickly mount the high horse and hold your nose above us peons behind the banner of the law.

What will your answer be, after our next 9-11? What will you tell the families of the victims?

Again, if you can't pledge to do EVERYTHING to protect the lives of the people whom you serve or don't understand why you need to, then get out of the way and let someone else serve who can.

You're just in the way.

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