The Spirit: Worst Comic Book Movie EVER...

Until The Spirit, Frank Miller was Hollywood's comic book golden boy. He could do no wrong. That reign has come to an end. Frank Miller, who both wrote and directed this...thing will be lucky if someone just starts screaming about 300 and Sin City. And someone needs to start screaming that really loud because I am still trying to wash this movie out of my memory.

I really don't want to make this a full review because that would entail having to remember it to make comments. My two teens, Justin and Cody were laughing all through the movie, it was that bad. And no, they weren't laughing at the funny parts. They were laughing AT THE MOVIE.

Why is it the worst comic book movie ever? Because it had all of the advantages but came out making Dolph Lundgren's Punisher look good. How can you fail with FRANK MILLER writing and directing? Production values were great, though the Sin City thing wore thin in places. Shots were original, the musical score was fantastic.

And yet it tanked.


I don't want to dwell on any scenes (not to spoil any scenes, because frankly, I don't care) because it is just that painful. But think about this; there is one scene about five minutes long showing a human head on a foot hopping around and everyone saying "That's just weird". "Yeah, that's just weird." "I know, but that's weird!"

After a serious moment when the Spirit is confronting his mortality, Justin said "Wow, is it going to get serious now?" The instant he asked that, the scene switched to a dinosaur head.


It's like the movie itself is on drugs and has contaminated you. The Spirit tries to deny that, screaming at one point, "I'm not on drugs!"

Do not see this movie. Don't even give it the dignity of a download. Before you go to bed tonight, say an extra prayer of thankfulness if you haven't wasted your money on The Spirit.

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  1. I totally agree. When I thought of 300 and Sin city, I thought Spirit was going to blow my jocks off.

    Sadly, it let me down.

    The only parts of the movie I liked was the B/W scenes that resembled Sin City.

    I could spend all day by picking apart this movie, but I'm not a critic and this movie isn't worth my time. I want my redbox money back.